Welcome to my blog! My name is Lauren, and I’m a current senior at Boston University who will be studying abroad with DIS in Stockholm for the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semester!

I am studying International Relations at my home university and will be in the European Security Dilemmas core course in the Fall and Comparative Economics in the Spring! I have also took Intermediate Swedish, Swedish Politics, Swedish History, and Terrorism & Anti-Terrorism and am taking Smart&Sustainable Cities, Global Monetary Policy, and Epidemiology!

Follow along to read about my adventures abroad!

Latest from the Blog

påsk i norge!!

hejhej! Last week, for easter break I got to go to Norway to celebrate easter with some of my Norwegian family, my mom and grandmother who came over from the US, and my friend Elise from last semester! It was a nice break from “tourist traveling” and it was so nice to see family. EliseContinue reading “påsk i norge!!”

Long Study Tour to Greece!

This past week my core course (Comparative Economics) went on our long study tour to Athens, Greece to see the first hand and remaining effects of the Greek EuroCrisis! I was extremely interested to go to Greece as I had never been somewhere that historic or in Southern Europe before! Greece definitely exceeded my expectationsContinue reading “Long Study Tour to Greece!”

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