Short Study Tour with my Core Course!

Hi!! This week I went to Malmö and Lund for my study tour with my core course, European Security Dilemmas. A study tour is a week where we only focus on our core course and see what we are learning in the classroom up close. My European Security Dilemmas class has been spending a lot of time focusing specifically on problems within Sweden. So for our Core Course week we went to Malmö, which is the city with the highest crime rate in Sweden. We were there from Wednesday until Friday.

On Wednesday, we took a 4 and a 1/2 hour train ride to Malmö. After we arrived we did a biking tour of the city (learning about the history), a whiskey tasting and a dinner! Here are some pictures from being touristy in Malmö the first day!

On Thursday, we visited Rosengård. Rosengård is the city with the most immigrants in Sweden, with 86% of the population having foreign ancestry. In Rosengård we went on a walking tour and met with two local initiatives trying to make a difference. The first was called Yalla Trappan. Yalla Trappan is a work integration social enterprise that brings in a group of 59 immigrant women every 6 months for a camp. In this camp, the women learn to speak and immerse themselves in Swedish and work different jobs. At the end of the 6 months, the staff at Yalla Trappan helps the women set up a plan and help them meet with local job searching institutes in order to find a job. Others get directly employed by Yalla Trappan where they have contracts with H&M and Ikea to sew materials! Yalla Trappan is also a restaurant so they also have catering, lunch, crisp bread, and cleaning services. Yalla Trappan Rosengård also has mentorship contracts with Yalla Sjöbo, Rinkeby, Vårby, Hjälbo, and Östersund (all cities in Sweden). They currently have 50 women permanently employed in Rosengård and are hoping to grow. In addition to the presentation, we also ate lunch at Yalla Trappan and it was so good!

Picture of lunch at Yalla Trappan!

After our visit to Yalla Trappan we met with the CEO of Rosengård fastigheter (translates to Rosengård properties), Petra. They are working to develop Rosengård to encourage more people to move, live, and spend time in Rosengård. They have built apartment units, created meeting places for the residents, created a study hub where tutors help students with homework, and have partnered with other communities to create sports clubs. When we asked Petra what the best solution would be to successfully integrate Rosengård and the rest of Malmö, she said that creating a specialized school in Rosengård that would attract students from other areas would change everything. I’m inspired to try now (haha)! Here are some pictures from Rosengård.

On Friday, we traveled about 15 minutes to visit the nearby city of Lund and got a lecture from a criminologist about increasing crime rates. I loved how Lund was such a small, quaint, university city! After that we took the train back home. Below are some pictures from Lund!

Overall it was a really interesting week and I’m excited for our Long Study Tour to Berlin in a couple of weeks! However, I’m also excited to be back in class and the daily routine after a busy week!

Until next time:) Hej då!

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