Skansen, Greta, and Vikings!

I know this title sounds a bit all over the place, but this is what my last week consisted of!!

On Wednesday I went on a field study with my Swedish class (it’s only me and my friend Leaf, so we got to join the other Swedish class) to Skansen! Skansen is an open-air museum and zoo and was opened in 1891! The aim of Skansen was to show the way of life in different parts of Sweden before the industrial revolution. The founder bought houses from all around the country and shipped them to rebuilt in Skansen! There are farmhouses from the 1500s all the way to mansions from the 17th century!

Then on Friday I went to the school strike for climate, organized by Greta Thunberg. It was a worldwide protest with many different countries joining! Sadly, Greta was striking in Berlin so we didn’t see her:( We talked to many different people at the strike and met people from Germany, sustainable engineers, and other Americans in Stockholm! It was super cool to be a part of it.

Bonus photo! After the climate strike, a couple of friends and I went to the Viking Museum. We learned about how the vikings lived, and learned that not all vikings were warriors. We learned about the ordinary farmer viking, and got to see a figure reconstructed from the remains of an actual viking! To think this man roamed the earth 1000 years ago…

Until next time!!! Vi sees! 🙂

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