Top places to go when you miss American food:)

If you’re anything like me, going abroad is a rude awakening when I can’t have my daily $2 dunkin iced caramel coffee anymore. Luckily, I have found my fair share of places in Stockholm to go for when you are missing American food! Here is a list of my favorite places so far!


Espresso House

Ah good old Espresso House. Espresso House was the closest thing I could find to Starbucks/Dunkin in Sweden. They have iced coffee (a win), and flavored iced lattes (salted caramel, caramel, and vanilla ughhh so good). They also have really good sandwiches, cakes, and of course cinnamon buns. Not going to lie I probably go to Espresso House once a day.


Joe and the Juice

Okay so this one actually is in America as well, but I just recently found this one and I love it so much. They have flatbread sandwiches with olive oil and pesto and they are to DIE FOR. They also have juices and shakes, but since I am addicted to caffeine I usually get the coffee shake (it is to dieee for). Also, they have free wifi so you can do work there! Definitely need to check this place out in the actual US as well:)


Lilly’s Burgers

Okay- this place is so cute! I found it actually just last week. Sometimes I’m craving a good milkshake (admittedly a comfort food) and this one just came up on my apple maps! It was kinda themed like a 1980’s diner and they legitimately have the best shakes I’ve had in Stockholm. They also have really good burgers, chicken, sandwiches, and fries!


Greasy Spoon

Last but not least, the Greasy Spoon is another American themed brunch place in Stockholm which is actually surprisingly cheap to eat at. I got a burger with a fried egg, caramelized onions, and bacon there and it was sooo good!

Friends at the Greasy Spoon!:)

Next week we have off for a “fall break” type thing and I’ll be traveling to Vienna, Prague, and Krakow! I’m so excited to go, but first midterm season (hahaha I forget I have to do actual work sometimes, but I have three essays and a presentation due this week). Yikes. Wish me good luck!!

One thought on “Top places to go when you miss American food:)

  1. HEJSAN, HUR AR DET how’s my swedish Lauren, thank you for remembering my birthday I appreciate that very much, be glad ur not home to watch those stinkin eagles, man do they wreak !!!!! Have fun and enjoy yourself


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