Quick Weekend Trip to Trondheim

We all knew it was only a matter of time before I went to Norway and this weekend I finally got to go with my friend Elise who is also part Norwegian! I was super excited we got to go to Trondheim, since I’ve never been before! I must admit, I never pictured myself traveling on the weekends while I was here (I like my introvert time too much and like to stay on top of my work), but this trip was extremely worth it (and not even stressful)!

We arrived Friday night to this super cute Air b&B and then walked into the city to eat pizza! It was already 11 PM by the time we were done eating dinner, so we went to bed and planned to wake up early the next day (for us, lol).

Luckily, Trondheim is very small, so we got to see basically all of it on Saturday! We walked around all day and saw the Old Bridge (with the Old Houses), the Old Church, and the Big University in Trondheim (I must admit that I had looked at pictures online beforehand, so I had to see it in person). The highlight of the day was when we got free waffles and coffee and the University band was playing in the center square? It must have been a pep rally or something? It was so cute!

Sadly we had to wake up early to go this (Sunday) morning, but the view to get on the plane and from the airport was fantastic!

Just thought I would give a quick update about my first (and probably only) out-of-country weekend trip while abroad! Vi sees!!

2 thoughts on “Quick Weekend Trip to Trondheim

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Lauren from both of us, are you eating turkey today ? Your trip to Norway looked awesome, I enjoyed the pictures, beautiful city. Looking forward to seeing u soon, love you


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